Yes. We've worked a lot on personalisation features, to help make the light your own. No two riders are the same and so no two lights need to be the same either. It works out of the box, or you can set it up just how you like it. It’s up to you. It’ll remember what you've set.

See.Sense. will enable you to select the following items:

- Main Sensor On/Off – select On for reacting to the road and to your movement. Select Off to turn it into a regular light

- Light Sensor On/Off – select On to react to car headlights and dimly lit areas. Select Off to turn into a regular light.

- Power level High/Medium/Low – select High for maximum performance, select medium to extend runtime with moderately reduced performance. Select Low to maximise runtime.

- Flashing On/Off/Morse – select On for flashing, or Off for steady (constant) running.

By default the light is set to : Main Sensor ON, Light sensor ON, Power HIGH, Flashing ON.

If you want to have a constant (Steady) light which changes in intensity when needed, set the light as Main Sensor ON, Light sensor ON, Power HIGH, Flashing OFF.

If you just wanted a really bright flashing light, set the light as Main Sensor OFF, Light sensor OFF, Power HIGH, Flashing ON.

For more detail, please also see our instruction leaflet here.