Data collection is NOT currently enabled on ICON lights.  It is currently only enabled through a special app that our beta test groups and city trial participants have access to.  We do plan to offer this to all of our users in the future, but we will ask your permission first via the app. All data will be anonymous and aggregated and we’ll always protect your privacy first and foremost

See.Sense ICON is actually a lot more than a market-leading cycle light that keeps you safer on the road.  ICON is capable of collecting high-quality sensor data about any crashes, near-miss events, road surface, light levels, temperature levels and more. This information is very useful for city planners who want to create better cycling infrastructure and smart cities.

With your permission, your anonymised data can be uploaded to the cloud and aggregated data can then be shared with councils to provide smart cities solutions that benefit all cyclists.

Check out our Smart Cities page for latest updates on this.