Weather resistant

See.Sense. is weather resistant under normal use, but do not subject it to high pressure water jets or intentionally submerge it in water. In the unlikely event that water appears inside See.Sense. turn it off and contact our Service Department for guidance.

Runtime: Around 12 hours, depending on usage (variations due to light changing flash patterns at times of increased risk. We expect a commuter using this light to easily obtain 12 hours).

Weight: Very light at around 55 grams.

Size: Small and compact at 5.8 x 3.8 x 4.8 cm.

Materials: The lens is made of Lexan (the same tough polycarbonate used in the helmet visors in the Apollo moon missions!). The casing is made from Luran S, a very tough ASA plastic. We're using the finest materials for the finest bike light.