All ICON lights are bright enough to be daylight visible.  With two CREE LED’s, ICON produces 190 lumens in the rear and 320 lumens in the front.  ICON+ is 30% brighter, giving 250 lumens at the rear and 420 lumens at the front.  

We recommend ICON+ if you are travelling on roads where cars are travelling fast, as it will help attract their attention sooner. 

ICON is primarily designed as a 'to be seen' light, giving up to 270 degrees of side visibility.  This is ideal for urban environments.  If you are riding on unlit roads, we would recommend pairing ICON with a 'to see' light.   As ICON has twin LED's (one with a focused output, and the other with a dispersed output) the ICON front can be used as a back-up to your 'to be seen' light.  It will get you home on a dark unlit road but is not specifically designed for this purpose

To be seen, we recommend the flashing setting.  The max runtime will be approximately 15 hours runtime on this setting.  To see your way, use the steady beam setting, which will have a max run-time of 2 hours on this setting. 


Remember, ICON is an intelligent light that adapts to its environment -  increasing its brightness and flash rate to keep you more visible in riskier situations such as junctions, roundabouts, filtering in traffic and to approaching car headlights.  If you are in an urban setting, where there is a higher level of ambient lighting from street lighting and approaching cars at night, ICON will automatically adjust to be less bright.