The ACE was created with customer feedback from our ICON light. It shares the technology of the ICON, whilst adding some brand new features:

- ACE is lightweight at 28g or 34g with the mount.

- It's cheaper than ICON with an RRP of £45

- It has all the sensors the ICON uses but in a smaller unit

- ANT+ integration will allow a Garmin Edge head unit to control the light. However, Wahoo devices currently do not support ANT+ lighting control.

- Waterproofed to the same IP67 standard as the ICON

- Shorter runtime than the ICON @10 hours, but with a shorter charge time of around 3 hours. 

- Fewer lumens than the ICON @ 125 lumens in the rear light and 150 lumens on the front. But due to a high number smaller LEDs, ACE projects a greater surface area of light, so the difference in power is only noticeable from a distance

- slightly smaller visibility with 200 degrees, as opposed to the 270 degrees with our current ICON light.