There could be several reasons for an underperforming battery:

- The light is using another flash mode other than the default; solid mode runtime is 2 hours and other flash modes available in-app are slightly lower. Flash mode runtimes for ICON2 are listed below.

- Your battery health has declined over time due to age of the battery or the unit has not been charged at least once a month since use. 

- The battery drops a small amount when not in use as the Bluetooth advertising uses power. The maximum expected standby time without use is 3-4 weeks. 

- The light is using older firmware and has not been updated.

The expected run times for each flash mode are listed below, please check which flash mode you are using. The default modes available from the button press are Flash, Eco and solid/constant.

Solid: 2 hours max 
Flash: 16 hours max 
Twin - 13-14.5 hours max 
Burst - 13-14.5 hours max
Pulse - 4.5 - 6 hours max 
ECO- 40 hours max 

**Brake Mode - Will reduce the runtime as half of the COB board lights up in constant when reacting. The runtime reduction cannot be estimated accurately, as this would be determined by how many times the light reacts.

If the light is still under performing even with the suggested runtimes above, You will need to check that the lights firmware is up to date. You can do this by downloading the See.Sense smartphone app for iOS or Android and searching and connecting to the light. If a firmware update is available, you will see a prompt to update if you attempt to connect. There is a video below explaining this process. Please note that the video is relevant to both ACE and ICON2 as the process is exactly the same.

If you're still experiencing low runtimes, please get in touch by opening a customer support ticket and we will work through the issue with you.