ICON2 features ANT+ technology. This gives another huge range of options for improving your riding experience. ICON2 will work with Garmin Edge devices that support ANT+ lighting networks. Please note that not all Garmin edge devices support this, but you can check your model's compatibility here:


 Wahoo devices do not currently support ANT+ lighting control.

Using your Garmin device, navigate to the Settings menu and select the sensors sub-menu. Select "Add Sensor" which will search for new devices. You can either select 'Search All' or specify 'Light'. Make sure the light is awake by moving it and then it should appear on the list of available devices (rear lights only - please see below for details). Then you can connect to the See.Sense light. The light will flash green in the top right to indicate an active ANT+ connection.

The light may turn onto solid mode initially. This is a Garmin auto-ride feature that we cannot bypass. However, the flash mode can be changed via the light sensor menu options on the Garmin or via the button on the light.

If the light does not appear after several search attempts, there is a chance the lights firmware could need updating. This can be done through the See.Sense Smartphone app which is currently live on the Apple and the See.Sense BETA app available on the Google Play Store.

**Currently, Garmin devices require additional network development to support more than one See.Sense light. ACE/ICON2 rear units can pair with Garmin head units which support the ANT+ lighting profile. We are working to add front light support in a future firmware update.**