Adaptive mode will adjust the brightness of the light depending on your environment to improve the efficiency of the light and give you more light when you need it. 

To enable Adaptive mode, you can do this via the See.Sense smartphone app.

But if you wish to enable adaptive mode via the button, you must turn your BEAM/BEAM+ light on first. Then press and hold the button for 5 seconds and the light will cycle through flash modes until you see a turquoise flash on the power button. Then to confirm the adaptive mode has been turned on, the power button will flash green twice each time, as opposed to just once.

The runtimes for each mode are listed below. With and without adaptive mode to show the savings you can make with this mode enabled:

*Please note that the brightness cannot be set as a custom value with adaptive mode turned on. This is because adaptive mode selected the light's brightness, rather than being dictated by the lights custom brightness setting*