Bike attachment – UV-resistant, cross-linked silicone straps providing a secure attachment without the need for any tools.

ICONs are designed to be easily mounted to your bike. Most of our customers mount their rear ICON lights to their seatposts. However if you don’t have enough space then you can also mount to your saddlebag. Front ICON lights can either be mounted horizontally on your handlebars or vertically on your head tube. All front lights are supplied with a silicone ‘hood’. It's used to reduce the angle of light that the front light emits so that it doesn't dazzle when used on your handlebars, especially at night. Our additional ICON adapters allow for more even mounting options including aero seatposts, panniers and racks, helmets, backpacks and more. See photo’s below:

Rear Seat-Post mounting

Front light mounting

Pannier Mounting

Saddle Bag Mounting