Already have an ACE light? Or are you thinking of getting one? With our spare mounting kits this means you can easily switch your lights between different bikes and positions.

We know everyone has different preferences of where they like to mount their lights on their bike - so that's why we made ACE as versatile as possible. We thought it would be helpful to show you all of your options below:


This is what most people opt for to mount their rear light to their bike. This bike has a nice amount of space on the seat post so it works quite well. It's super easy to attach - not one tool or Allen key needed. There are three angles you can position your light at. We have used the top angle here - we find this is the best angle for this type of mounting and it keeps the light shining directly behind you.

Of course, you'll need to remove your lights for charging and cleaning. The light can be easily 'clipped out' of its mount without you having to remove the mount itself. Just make sure the USB cover is fully sealed after charging.


If your seat post is much lower down than it is on this bike, or if you use a saddle bag that's in the way of the light - then you can actually mount the light lower down (below the seat post). Don't be afraid to change the orientation of your ACE light to horizontal (or even upside down!) if you need to. See.Sense lights learn their orientation and work the same way as they would when upright.


Something a little bit different here. This would be a good solution if you have little or no room at all in the seat post area. You just need to use one of the shorter o-rings (which are provided in the box/mounting kit), depending on the size of your seat-stays. This would be a nice option if you wanted to double up on your lights too, providing you with some extra visibility.


This is probably the most popular front light mounting option. If you have aero bars then our aero adapter (included) will fit nicely onto your bike the same way as this, you might just need to use a slightly longer strap. It could also be tucked under a GPS out-front mount.


The vertical option of the above, it does give you some more space if you like riding with your hands towards the centre of the handlebars.


This bike has a decent amount of handlebar space, but we understand that lots of you have multiple headsets and gadgets on your bars (meaning you have little space left for your lights). So, using the longer straps provided for your ACE, mounting on the head tube is a nice solution to make sure you are still seen from the front. And don't worry about the front cables affecting the light, as any static object will not make the light react. 

***Whilst it may look like the most aerodynamic option, we cannot provide any wind tunnel data to prove this***


An alternative mounting option that many way not have though of. But it will not be suitable for all bikes! Just make sure there is enough clearance for your spokes. A good tip is to have the longer side of clip facing outwards to avoid it getting caught in the spokes, but this will also make the removal of the light easier. This type of mounting would also work very well on a gravel/cross/mountain/hybrid bike.


All See.Sense ACE lights come with aero mounts (both front & rear) for your aero handlebars and seat posts. These can also be used in other 'slimmer' parts of your bike and work well on panniers, forks and seat stays. We always encourage creative use of the mounts!


These will be available in mid February from our online store HERE. It will include just the GoPro attachment and not include the saddle rail mount or seat post mount as pictured. The saddle rail mount that is pictured can be purchased HERE