The ACE and ICON 2 light share the exact same mounting system. Although it is very small, the mount is extremely tough. We tested this thoroughly whilst in development and still to this day with our staff members regularly using it on mountain bike trails. A recent customer completed a 300km gravel bike event with the ACE light clipped in too!

Here is a video of the ACE being used on local trails:

However, we decided we wanted to re-assure our customers that this mount was tough; so we mounted the new ICON 2 light to a bike.. and then dropped it off a 2 story building! We did not use any tricks to demonstrate this either, as you will see in the video:

We thought we'd include this later, as it's not as exciting as the previous two videos! For legacy testing, we had two bespoke tools made to simulate the mount being clipped in and out tens of thousands of times in order to reassure our customers that the light and mount are built for years of use:

We would ask that you make sure that when attaching the mount, you ensure that the o-rings are sitting flush in the channel of the mount, as if they do not sit flush, we cannot guarantee the light to sit firmly in place. Here is a video explaining the simple process: