ACE lights maximum runtime on 100% brightness is 10 hours. This can be reduced by a number of factors:

- The light is reacting a lot to movement and changes in light 

- The light is using another flash mode other than the default; solid mode runtime is 2 hours and other flash modes available in-app are slightly lower. Flash mode runtimes for ACE are at the bottom of the page.

- Your battery health has declined over time due to age of the battery or the unit has not been charged at least once a month since use. 

- The battery drops a small amount when not in use as the Bluetooth advertising uses power. The maximum expected standby time without use is one month. 

- Brake mode also uses more battery as it engages the light on half-solid mode when it reacts to braking.

If you would like to extend the runtime, you can reduce the brightness with the Smartphone app. Or simply select ECO mode which is the second flash mode when pressed manually. The maximum runtimes for each flash mode are as follows:

Solid: 2 hours max
Flash: 10 hours max
Twin: 8-9 hours

Burst: 8-9 hours max 
Pulse : 3-4 hours max
ECO: 30 hours max 

Brake Mode: It is not possible to give a maximum estimated runtime for Brake Mode, as this will depend on the flash mode chosen, the amount of braking/reacting that occurs and the brightness selected for the flash mode. But it will lower the maximum runtime from the estimates above, as this mode engages half the LED board on solid when it is reacting to braking.

If you still think your runtime is still too short, let us know by submitting a support ticket in the customer support section on our website.